Oxford EQ V3
GML Option

Massenburg DesignWorks and Sonnox


The Sonnox Oxford / GML 8200 Option adds the GML 8200 EQ emulation to the Sonnox Oxford EQ plug-in. This is available as an optional extra for the Sonnox Oxford EQ plug-in for Pro Tools AAX HD-TDM and HDX formats.

This highly accurate emulation, designed in collaboration with GML for the OXF-R3 console, has all the finer characteristics of the classic analogue outboard unit, faithfully reproducing all the control ranges and responses of the original EQ, even to the point of producing centre frequencies up to 26KHz whilst running at 44.1KHz or 48KHz!

This superlative EQ, much loved for its sonic detail and sensitive musical character, has deservedly become regarded as indispensable amongst a great many professionals in the industry. This plug-in, fully endorsed by GML, brings a vast wealth of experience and matchless lineage within the grasp of the Pro Tools user.

Get GML Option for Sonnox Oxford EQ


An optional 5th EQ type is available for Sonnox Oxford EQ V3 Pro Tools HD and HDX users – an exact emulation of the highly regarded GML-8200 EQ hardware unit.

Imagine your Pro Tools HD/HDX session loaded with fully endorsed GML-8200 EQ emulations, with that sound, multiple instantiations, recall and complete automation.

GML Option Features

  • Enhances the Sonnox Oxford EQ plug-in by adding a GML-8200 emulation as an additional EQ type
  • Common control interface features with the built-in Sonnox Oxford EQ types
  • Extremely accurate GML 8200 emulation with centre frequencies up to 26KHz
  • Highly accurate control range and law matching with GML 8200 to retain the operational character of the analogue unit.
  • Extremely low noise and distortion.
Platforms Supported

Pro Tools HD and HDX

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Sonnox EQ GML v3