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The Ultimate
Transparent & Smooth
Dynamics Range Controller
Plugin for Pro Tools Native AAX,

Designed by George Massenburg




MDWDRC2-Native Professional
Dynamic Range Controller

State of the Art Sound Quality
& Transparency
Like No Other

Now Available in Pro Tools AAX Native, VST3 & AU

Massenburg DesignWorks® announces the MDWDRC2-Native high-resolution Dynamic Range Controller plugin, setting new professional standards for much-improved dynamics in the digital audio space. Previously limited to development partners around the world, the Best Worst Kept Secret in audio processing has finally become available.

MDWDRC2-Native Plugin for AAX Native, VST3 & AU

The MDWDRC2-Native is best utilized as a Dynamic Loudness Controller, an ‘Automatic Intelligent Level Controller’ which responds to loudness much as our ears do, and does so unlike no other. It utilizes the advanced sensing and broad applicability established by the GML 8900, demonstrating dramatically reduced artifact compared with traditional peak/average devices, even with 15-20dB of gain reduction.

The MDWDRC2-Natve is fundamentally a ‘True RMS Sensing’ device, as contrasted with an ‘Average’ or ‘Peak’ sensing device — more sensitive to ‘Loudness’ than to peak or average digital (or electrical) levels. The MDWDCR2-Native is the culmination of 26 years of extensive research, listening, testing and development of a unique technology termed VEA (Variable Exponent Averager, which is a patented method to vary its detector’s sensitivity from RMS-responding to peak-responding).


It’s just better..!!


  • Dramatically reduces artifact compared with traditional peak/average devices, even with 15-20dB of gain reduction
  • Extraordinary control of gain reduction artifacts, from imperceptable to highly-audible (highly-affected)
  • The low end does not sound ‘crumpled’ it stays clear, warm, and just compressed/processed as it should
  • The attack sounds right, you’ll hear it right away, the attack can screw up your ears with most digital compressors
  • MDWDRC2 sounds like good high-quality pro-audio analog on **** steroids
  • It’s just better – try out the demo to fully understand how dynamics should sound. We reset the demo in Feb23 so you can check out the latest features even if you checked out the MDWDRC2-Native demo previously.
MDWDRC2-Native Tooltips Callouts


  • Accurate, wide-range True RMS Signal Detection
  • Log processing for balanced control over wide dynamic range
  • Built-in EBU BS1770_3 Loudness Normalization filtering
  • Process audio in 64-bit floating point resolution with MDW algorithms designed for smooth and transparent sound quality
  • High instance count of the plug-in in your session
  • Separate Compressor and Peak Sections each with Attack, Release and Soft Knee Controls
  • Main Compressor control prodvies automatic gain makup and compress functions
  • Peak control to set max level
  • Bypass Gain control for easy dynamics/bypass comparisons
  • Loudness Normalization Filtering per EBU BS1770_3
  • Gain/Compress-Limit Loss meter
  • Key sidechain input
  • Sophisticated Auto Release controls
  • Manual look ahead adjustments for accurate Peak Stop control
  • Compress Ratio and Output Level controls
  • Resizable plugin window – 100%-125%-150%

Get MDWDRC2-Native

Buy MDWDRC2-Native [AAX Native, VST3 & AU] plug-in perpetual (full) license - iLok2 or 3 required

DRC2‑Native is a genuinely different dynamics plug‑in that has a unique ability to iron out level variations without sounding like it’s doing anything at all

Sam Inglis

Sound on Sound

The MDWDRC2-Native is revolutionary, and I'm incorporating it in every mix for every use, from natural sounding and gentle control, to typical pop music treatments and also radical sound design and wacky effects. I'm hooked on it.

Barry Rudolph

Mix Magazine Mar23 Pages 41-42

Unbelievably transparent like no other dynamics processor & arguably the most capable plug-in for leveling vocals, speech and dialog. Flexible enough to take on music or post-production with ease.

Diogo C. Borges


It’s Just Better

  • Designed for music and post professionals by George Massenburg, the original developer of the Parametric EQ
  • Builds on the legacy of the industry standard GML 8900 featuring the cleanest, most transparent dynamic control available
  • Highest sound quality for smooth, transparent, precise and natural dynamic control
    • Unique algorithm design for simple precise control with minimal artifacts
    • High-resolution, double-precision math throughout
    • Fast, accurate and precise dynamics control for the ultimate in level management
  • Fast, simple, flexible user adjustments
    • Multiple settings entry methods
    • Click and drag control knob
    • Direct numeric entry
    • Accurate, compatible dynamic control values — all settings reliably match other truly professional dynamics
  • Clear, ergonomic interface design
    • Gain/Loss meter for precise visual feedback
    • All parameters clearly visible numerically
    • Extensive Tool Tips
  • Professional User Support
    • FAQs, and support tickets for more direct support from our team of professionals
  • AAX Native, VST3 & AU
George Massenburg


  • Plug-in Type – Dynamics
  • Format – AAX Native, VST3 & AU, Mono and Stereo 64-bit
  • Dynamics – Compress/Peak/Ratio/Auto-Release/Look Ahead/BS1770 Filter/Side Chain/Output & Bypass Gain
  • Frequency Range – 10 Hz–41 kHz
  • Resolution – 64-bit floating point

System Requirements

Windows – 64-bit Windows 10 or 11

MAC – Mojave (10.14.6), Catalina (10.15.7), Big Sur (11.6), Monterey
(12.3), Monterey (12.6+) or higher. (64-bit)

SOFTWARE COMPATIBILITY – All DAWs and Video Edit Apps that support AAX Native, VST3 & AU. Pro Tools 12.x or higher.

Copy Protection – Requires USB iLok2 or 3 Key (for authorization; not included) or higher

George Massenburg

Downloads, Plug-in Guide & Presets

MDWDRC2-Native (AAX Native, VST3 & AU) Installs

There is a single MDWDRC2-Native installer each for Mac OSX and Windows...

Once downloaded to your Download Folder, please click on the downloaded file to complete installation. Destinations for each of the plugins are as follows:

  • Mac
    MDWDRC2-Native AAX: /Library/Application Support/Avid/Audio/Plug-Ins folder.
    MDWDRC2-Native VST: Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/VST3
    MDWDRC2-Native AU: Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/Components
  • Win:
    MDWDRC2-Native AAX: C:\Program Files\Common Files\Avid\Audio\Plug-Ins
    MDWDRC2-Native VST: C:\Program Files\Common Files\VST3

MDWDRC2-Native User GuidePlugin User Guide

MDWDRC2-Native User Guide including features, installation, parameters and theory of operation.

MDWDRC2-Native User Guide PDF 24MB

MDWDRC2-Native Presets

Download MDWDRC2-Native Presets from George Massenburg