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MDWDRC2-Native plugin for – AAX-Native, AU, VST  & AU

Massenburg DesignWorks
Production/Pro Tools Expert Review

Production Expert have published an in-depth review of the MDWDRC2-Native Dynamic Range Controller plugin from three of their team. MDWDRC2-Native gets an Experts Gold Award.

Mike Thorne
“Incredible transparency: 15 dB of gain reduction on a solo piano – I couldn’t achieve this using any other dynamics tools I currently have”

Luke Goddard
“I never thought that it would be possible to apply ‘healthy’ levels of reduction to something like classical piano without breaking things, but MDWDRC2-Native agrees to differ”

Mike Exeter
“MDWDRC2-Native is an incredibly powerful device for controlling the dynamics of a source without destroying the original intent of the recording”

Check out the review and the two example videos from Luke Goddard and Mike Exeter…

Video – Luke Goddard deploys MDWDRC2 on classical piano to apply extreme gain reduction…

Video – Mike Exeter shows how MDWDRC2 can be used in a completely different role of big, audible drum buss compression…

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Recording Magazine
Just published – the Recording Magazine PDF of the review by Bill Stunt. This review is available in their print edition, for digital subscribers and from the pdf download link. 
“The MDWDRC2-Native is by far the most transparent dynamics plugin in my folder. My main selling points are how different this plugin is from all my other compressor/limiters, along with how great it sounds – or doesn’t sound”

Sound on Sound
Sam Inglis Review:
“MDWDRC2‑Native is a genuinely different dynamics plug‑in that has a unique ability to iron out level variations without sounding like it’s doing anything at all.  if you demo it, you might find it hard to live without it.”

Diogo C. Borges Review
“MDWDRC2-Native is unbelievably transparent like no other dynamics processor & arguably the most capable plug-in for levelling vocals, speech and dialog. Flexible enough to take on music or post-production with ease”

Mix Online
Barry Rudolph Review – Mix Pages 41-42
“MDWDRC2 Dynamics Range Controller is revolutionary and I’m incorporating it in every mix for every use from natural sounding and gentle control to typical Pop music treatments and then for radical sound design and wacky effects. I’m hooked on it and have already have started a good collection of presets!”

Peter Chaikin
Studio Audio Consultant
“Love the way the MDWDRC2-Native doesn’t make vocals sound edgy. it’s so much fun to use the main gain and threshold controls to bring up the low level program. This is what we always wish existed. This and MDWEQ6. Fantastic!”

Gearspace MDWDRC2 Thread
‘Shaman – MDWDRC2 is the most revolutionary audio tool’ • ‘oøt -This is such a great tool. It’s now my go to for all sorts of tasks. Completely incredible on vocals!’ • ‘Polybonk – Totally worth the asking price. Amazing. It is insane how under the radar it is.’ • ‘Scott W – I don’t use any other EQ or comp plugin any more. Sounds above anything else I know’