MDWDRC2-Native & MDWEQ6 Plugins


MDWDC2-Native Dynamic Range Controller Tutorial Videos

George Massenburg has recorded a series of 5 tutorial videos showing how the MDWDRC2-Native Dynamic Range Controller plugin can be used to control and enhance the dynamics of vocals, piano and drums so they fit perfectly into the mix…

NOTE: the T1 Getting started video includes tones so watch your monitor level!

George Massenburg Talks MDWEQ6

In this series of 5 videos George Massenburg shares some tips and insights, showing how to clarify different instruments with the new Massenburg DesignWorks Hi-Res Parametric MDWEQ6 plug-in that continues to define the state of the art in equalization. Check more MDW related video on our YouTube Channel.

MDWEQ6 Now Includes VST & AU Formats

MDW now offers two new packages that include AAX as well as VST and AU