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Dynamics & EQ Plugins for
Pro Tools, VST, AU,
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MDWDRC2-Native Dynamics Range Controller

State of the Art Sound Quality & Transparency
Like No Other

Introducing MDWDRC2-Native

DRC2‑Native is a genuinely different dynamics plug‑in that has a unique ability to iron out level variations without sounding like it’s doing anything at all

Sam Inglis

Sound on Sound

The MDWDRC2-Native is revolutionary, and I'm incorporating it in every mix for every use, from natural sounding and gentle control, to typical pop music treatments and also radical sound design and wacky effects. I'm hooked on it.

Barry Rudolph

Mix Magazine Mar23 Pages 41-42

Unbelievably transparent like no other dynamics processor & arguably the most capable plug-in for leveling vocals, speech and dialog. Flexible enough to take on music or post-production with ease.

Diogo C. Borges


MDWEQ6 Plug-in
for Pro Tools, VST & AU

The Professional EQ Tool – State of the Art Sound Quality in Digital Equalization

What's New

MDWDRC2-Native Now Available

MDWEQ6 Now includes VST and AU Formats as well as Pro Tools AAX
MDWQEQ6-AAX+ and MDWEQ6-Native+

New Upgrades From MDWEQ5
4 Different Upgrade Packages

MDWEQ6 & MDWDRC2-Native 30-Day Full Featured Demo


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