MDWDRC2-Native Plugin

MDWDRC2-Native – AAX-Native, AU, VST  & AU (Pro Tools AAX Native Shown)

MDWEQ6 Pro Tools AAX Format Plugin

George Massenburg

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New Massenburg DesignWorks MDWDRC2-Native Dynamic Range Controller Plugin for Pro Tools AAX, VST3 and AU

State-of-the-Art Sound Quality in Digital Dynamics from George Massenburg

Los Angeles, CA, Nov 22nd 2022 — Developed by the original developer of the parametric EQ, George Massenburg, Massenburg DesignWorks® announces the MDWDRC2-Native high-performance Dynamic Range Controller plugin. Setting new professional standards for much-improved dynamics control in the digital audio space, it is now available for AAX Native, VST3 and AU applications. A full demo version is also available.

After 26 years of progressive research into dynamic loudness perception, and patent approvals from around the world, MDW introduces a unique technology termed VEA (Variable Exponent Averager, which is a patented method to vary its detector’s sensitivity from RMS-responding to peak-responding). The Best Worst Kept Secret in audio processing has finally become available.

The MDWDRC2 is a different kind of automatic gain control, one that continues the advanced sensing and broad applicability established by the GML 8900. The MDWDRC2 is best implemented and utilized as a Dynamic Loudness Controller which responds to loudness more as our ears and brain do. The MDWDRC2 is fundamentally an ‘RMS sensing’ device, as contrasted with an ‘average sensing’ or ‘peak sensing’ device, meaning its detectors can respond to loudness rather than peak or average digital (or electrical) level. The result is that we often see 10-20dB gain reductions in the DRC2 that are virtually inaudible by traditional measure.

This approach results in the smoothest of dynamic gain adjustments and in the ability to provide more apparent gain before artifacts occur. It retains the detail, warmth and dynamics from an original track — staying truer to the source sound. It must be heard to be appreciated. Using True RMS detection and the widest range of possible control, it can enhance audio in a broad range of applications – vocals, instruments, effects, dialog, stems, and all types of mixes for music, post, broadcast, streaming, and live events.

MDWDRC2-Native full license is available from the MDW web store for $399, reduced to $339 during the MDW Black Friday sale period ending on Dec 12th 2022, including Pro Tools AAX Native, VST3 and AU plugin formats for a wide range of DAWs including Logic Pro, Cubase and Nuendo.

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