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Parametric EQ Plug-in
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Introducing the New

Hi-Resolution Parametric MDWEQ6-AAX (DSP & Native)

The Ultimate Equalizer – Add Clarity and Smoothness to Your Mix

Developed by the creator of the parametric EQ, George Massenburg, the Massenburg DesignWorks Hi-Res Parametric EQ6 plug-in defines the state-of-the-art in equalization.

Version 6 continues to offer new AAX DSP and AAX Native 32/64-bit format support, and now provides added features that make equalization more succinct and effective. With its unprecedented clarity, smoothness, and excellent high-frequency response, MDW Hi-Res Parametric EQV6 provides an unparalleled and useful tool for serious audio production.

MDW EQ6 5 Band Spectrum



Buy MDWEQ6-AAX (DSP & Native) Pro Tools plug-in perpetual (full) license - iLok2 required

Get MDWEQ6-AAX Upgrades

Massenburg DesignWorks

Get MDWEQ6-AAX Upgrades from MDWEQ5-AAX for Pro Tools:

Upgrade from MDWEQ5-Native or MDWEQ5-AAX (DSP & Native) to MDWEQ6-AAX (DSP & Native)

MDWEQ6-AAX (DSP & Native)

What’s New

  • Newly designed User Interface – clearer than ever how EQ is performing
  • New High-Q high and low shelves  – expands control to better manage top and bottom end frequencies
  • New Band 1 18dB/octave and 24dB/octave high and low pass filters – especially effective when recording
  • New active spectrum display – provides instant feedback
  • EQ Control Points (Node) – provides visual ease to adjust all parameters directly on the graph


  • Process audio in 64-bit floating point resolution
  • High instance count of the plug-in in your session
  • Select frequencies from 10 Hz – 41 kHz, with variable Q and a choice of 3- or 5-band EQ
  • Refine sounds using constant shape reciprocal filter curves from the industry-standard reference – Unlike other brands of plug-in products, the MDWEQ6-AAX reliably processes audio exactly as it states
  • Quickly solo a band using the IsoPeak® functionality to find each target frequency
  • Compare settings fast with the A/B snapshots capability
  • With new real time graphic analyzer, “surgical EQ’ing” becomes easier than ever
  • You can customize and fine-tune the plug-in via reference page/right click

System Requirements

Windows – 64-bit Windows 10 or Windows 7 Home Premium, Professional, or Ultimate (64-bit only)

MAC – Mac OS X 10.7 or higher (32 or 64-bit)

SOFTWARE – Pro Tools | HDX or any native Pro Tools system running Pro Tools 10.38 or higher software for Mac, 11.1 or higher for Win

Copy Protection – Requires iLok USB 2 Key (for authorization; not included) or higher


  • Plug-in Type – EQ
  • Format – AAX Native 64, AAX DSP 64, AAX Native 32, AAX DSP 32
  • EQ – 3 and 5-band parametric
  • Frequency Range – 10 Hz–41 kHz
  • Variable Q Range – 25.6 (1/18 of an octave) to 0.1 (6-2/3 octaves)
  • Resolution – 64-bit floating point
  • DSP Efficiency (5-band EQ @ 48, 96, and 192 kHz) – Up to 7, 6, and 3 instances, respectively
  • DSP Efficiency (3-band EQ @ 48, 96, and 192 kHz) – Up to 8, 8, and 4 instances, respectively


There is a single MDWEQ6-AAX installer each for Mac OSX and Windows...

Once downloaded to your Download Folder, please click on the downloaded file to complete installation. The MDWEQ6-AAX plugin will be installed in the /Library/Application Support/Avid/Audio/Plug-Ins folder.

Plug-In Guide

If you need MDWEQ5-AAX or any legacy installers, please read MDWQ5-AAX FAQ or contact us via support form.